Digital imaging technology has dramatically changed the way professional labs and graphic design professionals do business. Digital imaging is no longer limited to photography or scanning. It now encompasses image capture, compression, cataloging, processing, storage, printing, archiving and display.


"Dorian Color has remained innovative, customer-centered, and results driven. We have merged the latest in digital imaging technology with traditional and cutting edge print technologies to meet the needs of our clients and offer the finest prints possible." 
- Alan Asadorian, Founder

Dorian Color uses state-of-the-art digital photographic printers to produce true silver-halide photographic prints with high resolution for a sharpness and color gamut unavailable with digital inkjet printing technologies or traditional photographic processing alone.

In using both light sensitized media in a traditional photographic process as well as digital imaging and ink jet technologies we are able to offer our clients the finest and most appropriate products to meet their requirements.

We built our reputation for excellence customer-by-customer, print-by-print.