Art Openings All Weekend

This coming weekend (January 29-31) is filled with opening receptions in and around Arlington. Thankfully, we are not under three feet of snow yet so there is hope of getting out without losing our minds! 

Here is a breakdown of the opening receptions:

Friday, January 29th: Two Openings!

Winter's Promise at Gallery Blink in Lexington, MA - Reception from 5-9PM

The 2016 Sketchbook Show - The Nave Gallery Annex - Reception from 6-8PM

The Nave Galley Annex - 53 Chester Street, Somerville MA

Saturday, January 30th:

From Black and White to Color: Three Generations of Female Artists

Arlington Town Hall Gallery - Reception from 4-6PM

Sunday, January 31st:

Karin Rosenthal's Open House

Upcoming Show Opening

Photographer Harvey Halpern is having an opening reception for his new show titled Endangered Canyons. Here are the details:

Date: February 26, 2015

Location: Oak Hill Studio

Address: 367 Trapelo Road, Belmont Massachusetts

Time: 6:30pm to 9:00pm

We work with Harvey to print his work onto a photographic material called Fujiflex. Fujiflex is a polyester based material that has a high gloss surface and brilliant color saturation. For folks like Harvey who want lots of color saturation and a smooth surface to their prints, Fujflex is a great material for their work. 

Harvey's photography primarily landscape, with a focus on the wilderness. It is always a treat to attend his openings and see the work in person.  You also get at added benefit of speaking with Harvey about the location and how far he was away from modern civilization when the photographs were taken. Here is a link to Harvey's website:

Patriots Victory Parade Pages and Photographs

In addition to our Super Bowl page reproductions, we are now offering page reproductions and photographs from the Patriots Victory Parade. Click here, to visit our store to browse through the new products!

The photographs, captured by the Globe's Staff Photographers, feature scenes from the parade with players such as Tom Brady, Julian Edelman, Rob Gronkowski, and Malcolm Butler.

For pages, we are offering reproductions of the front page and sports section cover of the Globe from February 5, 2015.

Patriots Super Bowl Pages

The Globe published several pages covering the recent Patriots Super Bowl win over the Seahawks. Across the front page of Monday's Globe read "Return To Glory". Inside, there were numerous articles and photographs commemorating the championship.  You can purchase professional reproductions of these pages directly from our online store! Using our photographic printer, we produce archival prints of Boston Globe pages for sale. 

You can purchase prints or framing prints by visiting our Boston Globe Gallery

Stacking and organizing prints for our first orders of Pats Championship Page Reproductions

Stacking and organizing prints for our first orders of Pats Championship Page Reproductions

UltraView Glass

Last year we began carrying a new type of framing glass called UltraView. The glass is composed of a water white substrate with an anti-reflective coating. The substrate helps preserve color and clarity while the coating cuts reflection down to less than 1%. As an added bonus, the glass blocks 65% of UV radiation. 

Previously, the only way to get the anti-reflective look was framing with Museum Glass. Museum is fantastic, however the price was its only negative property. UltraView is much less expensive than Museum, which made it very popular last year. 

The image above depicts two framed photographs. The frame on the left contains standard framing glass. The frame on the right contains UltraView. As you can see, using UltraView makes a big difference in the clarity of the piece.